Alkaline Water Machine Japan

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What does a water ionizer machine do? And why alkaline water machines made by Japan are the best water ionizer machine?

Water ionizer machines certainly ionize water. Water that travels through an ionizer machine is called ‘ionized water.’ A regular alkaline water machine has metal plates, commonly titanium and platinum. These materials use the electrolysis process and divide up the critical ions in the water. This process increases alkaline pH levels.

The PH Scale

Our regular drinking water usually has neutral pH of 7, while alkaline water has a pH of 8 to 9. Advocates believe alkaline water helps balance the body’s pH level, slow down the aging process, and prevent diseases like dermatitis and bronchial asthma 

A modernized water ionizer machine is required to get alkaline water. Japan initially designed a modernized machine. Though it is now available and produced in the whole world, Japanese manufacturers make the best alkaline water ionizer in the market. As anyone can easily get confused among so many options, this article gives you an idea about which one you should go for while buying Japanese Alkaline Water Ionizer machines in the US.

Before examining available Japanese Alkaline Water Ionizer machines in the US, let’s learn about Alkaline water ionizers and what makes Japanese Alkaline ionizer machines better than other available devices.

Why The Japan Made Alkaline Machine?

We all know Some of the most technologically advanced people on earth are the Japanese. They are always innovating newer and greater technologies. Since 1931 they are researching Alkaline water, and it’s so popular in Japan. The Japanese manufactured alkaline water ionizer machines are high-tech machines that precisely control pH levels, boost antioxidants. They use the most advanced electrolyzer technology such as platinum coated electrolysis plates, powerful dual filtration technology, automated cleaning system, echo friendly etc potential features make the Japanese ionizers great.

Ganso Patented – The Best Available Japanese Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine in the US

Ganso Patented is the best available Japanese alkaline water ionizer machine in the US, directly transforming tap water into ionized alkaline water. Also, it’s one of the best-selling water ionizers in Japan. This easy install and easy-to-operate ionizer machine have the best filtration system also. The operation buttons and display are user-friendly and the water that tastes is good. It can produce 10 different types of healthy water, such as:

  • Four ionized Alkaline water (pH 7.5-10.5)
  • One non-ionized purified  water (pH 7)
  • Two ionized acidic water (ph 3.5- 6.5) and
  • Three levels of Hydrogen plus water.

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Specifications of Ganso Patented

  • Product weight: 12.6 lbs
  • Product dimension : 10W x 4.7D x 13.7H in
  • pH range: from 3.5 to 10.5
  • Water flow rate: 194 oz per minute
  • Power supply: AC 110V-220V (60Hz 2.4A)
  • Power consumption : 250W / Standby 0.6W
  • Power cord length: 98 inch
  • The capacity of a filter set: 16,000 liters
  • Has automated cleaning function
  • Five Platinum coated titanium plates
  • Own Japanese patented Electrolyzer Technology
  • Has wasting zero water mode

Why The Ganso Patented Alkaline Water Ionizer? 

Easy to operate: This Japan-made alkaline water machine has been designed with easy-to-operate buttons and a display to keep track of the water hydrogen level. The buttons allow you to dispense your preferred healthy drinking water or ideal cleaning water.

Potential ionized water: The Ganso Water Ionizer produce the right balanced alkaline water with Japanese patented high-efficient electrolytic cell which is approved by strict pharmaceuticals regulatory. There is hydrogen plus option to increase the hydrogen level of water 20% instantly.

Clean water: It has a dual carbon filtration system that ensures the absence of harmful substances in water. Activated Carbon reduces chlorine taste, odor, zinc and other health contaminants.

Long filter lifespan: The filter lifespan is about 16,000 liter, which is quite longer than any other ionizer machine in the market.

Water-saving technology: This ionizer is environmentally friendly because it has zero water waste mode.

Auto-cleaning system: Another great feature of this machine is an auto-cleaning system. It will clean automatically after every 10 liters of alkaline water production. So you don’t have to worry about cleaning.

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Easy to install: You can install this machine with less effort. It comes with all the tubes and fittings. Just put it wherever you want and Install the hardware following the instructions.

Other accessories: It comes with accessories like a suction cup, screw, hose fixing band, pH test liquid set, pH test color paper, etc. So you don’t need to buy these separately.


  • Compact in size and also not too heavy.
  • Safe and reliable Japanese patented technology.
  • 5 Pharmaceutical grade platinum-coated electrolyzer plate.
  • Dual filtration system & longer filter life.
  • 10 Variable of healthy water & hydrogen plus option.
  • Auto-cleaning & comes with all fittings.
  • Perfect for your home, office, school.


  • Slightly expensive

Buying this valuable Japanese Alkaline water ionizer is well worth it for its features, specifications, and performance.


The Ganso patented alkaline water machine from Japan is so beneficial for our body and it’s also environment friendly. This ionizer provides the potential healthy water with advanced electrolyzer technology and a powerful dual filtration system. It will be an excellent investment to buy this 10 water option, an automated cleaning system water ionizer.

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