Let Go Of FEAR, The Time Has Come To Heal Ourselves

With all that is happening around us, it is evident that the Universe has plans for all of us. It is something as the Universe providing us with the opportunity to correct ourselves, to change our thoughts and emotions from toxic to positive. We always should have some time to heal ourselves, to increase the immunity. But couldn’t cause we didn’t have the time and energy after the work. Universe has given us that opportunity.

Being busy in meeting both ends has made us forgot who we are? We have forgotten what we made of? How much potential and gifts we are packed with deep within ourselves.

It is truly a time when we ought to look beyond the physical plane and connect deep within our soul to tap into the potentials the Universe has deposited within us.

Therefore, we should take a step back and see what the things we have been doing wrong, everything that we do wrong take a part of ourselves from us. Now is the time to figure out, “how can I change my life and promote positivity in the world around me.”

Our Reaction To Fear

It is worthy to note that, falling into despair or giving in to fears should be scratched off from our minds. Always remember at all times that, how you respond to this current tides of the world depends on your attitude towards it.

More so, your reaction to it would either determine if it will break you or heal and strengthen you further.

Nevertheless, no matter how hard or tough it may seem or get, remember-

tough people outlast tough situations and become tougher.

Also, always take into account what is within your sphere of control and what is beyond you.

Understand that the first step to handling the tides and healing is through positive thinking. Yes, you must empty your mind of all toxic thoughts that create negative emotions and energy and impacts your entire system negatively.

Judging from the words of a wise sage, “for as a man thinketh, so is he.” If you think fear, you are bound to feel fearful. If you think you are desperate, then you will feel desperate.

What this all means is that you can either set yourself up for a great and awesome life or a life of failure and despair. However, in all things, you should endeavor to change your belief system to a positive one by:

  • Nurturing positive thoughts
  • Thinking creative ideas
  • Thinking solutions and humor

Stay Positive During The Hard Time

Everyone has been through some difficulties, challenges, calamities in their life, but we can see that after every catastrophe, we emerged; we learned a lesson for a lifetime. The nature is forcing us to be humane, instead of going into the trauma of sadness and overwhelming toxic thoughts.

Just as diamonds are gotten from the most in-depth and harshest heat and pressure, so does candle melt under the same temperature. Decide for something sweet and new to be born out of struggle or tragedy no matter its form.

Perseverance and patience are two defining qualities at this moment, for it is the patience and determination that the diamond has that the candle lacks.

Therefore, learn to build these two qualities. For it is only a happy, positive, and healthy mind that can learn to be happy always.

In the hard time, we can convert both despair and frustration to birth something beautiful. This is like just “the brightest stars shine in the darkest night”.

Stop Negative Thoughts

Bear in mind that laughter is an excellent medicine to the human soul. Additionally, stay away from negative thought patterns or self-pity mind traps. The reason for this is that they overwhelm the soul and break the bones.

It is vital to note that negativity breeds nothing but all sorts of terrible emotions accompanied by bad energy. What this does is that it affects both our lives and that of our immediate environment.

For this reason, we see nothing short of an increase in crimes and ills in society when the environment is negative.

Your life is a printout of your thoughts. Instead of wallowing in self-pity or the victim mentality, you should direct your mind towards making a positive impact or creating a practical solution to problems around you.

life is a printout of your thoughts

Through this, the much-needed change will begin from you; the individual, and it will create a process for a chain reaction of positive energy outflow.

Interestingly, you can remove the idea of Earth’s ending and instead focus on opportunities created by all situations. This means that you can help others by even the slightest display of little acts of kindness. 

All of this will uplift both your feelings and soul. Also, it will create positive energy between and within both the giver and recipient. You must support those around you in positive ways.

Learn And Get Inspired Through Online

Just because the world is a global village, it does not mean that it is suddenly out of our reach. Find your way online and join inspirational platforms that will also help in creating a positive vibe within you and get you inspired.

Never forget that there is unity in diversity. When we reach out to other people via the internet, it helps us see things from a different perspective. These are things that we would not have seen all on our own.

We do not know everything and surely cannot know it all. We cannot learn things all on our own, and this is why we learn from others.

Connect With The Souls

With the birds coming back to cities, clear skies are telling us that the Universe is healing itself. As we are also a part of the Universe, we also can see the signs of improving ourselves. The most significant change a human being can make is changing himself/herself as a better person. Although this transition is not smooth. In the road map for this transition, you come first, so connect with your soul. Improve physical, mental, and emotional health.

Our souls are the most vital aspects of our lives, even though it interconnects with our bodies. We do neglect our souls for much less essential things, it is the right time for us to:

  • Go deep within our minds
  • Reconnect with our inner selves
  • Listen to the voice of our souls and
  • Heal as well as rejuvenate the entire being.

Some may think this is “easier said than done,” which means it is hard to do it. However, I tell you for a fact that just as it is easier said, it is also quickly done.

Connect With The Earth

Gardening or tilling is a tranquil and peaceful activity that also includes us connecting with the Earth. Take this as a great learning activity, as well as opportunity.

When walking or having an outdoor activity that involves walking, it is best to walk barefooted, especially on grasslands or the beach, as it keeps us grounded to the Earth.

Studies state that twenty to thirty minutes of walking barefooted is necessary for grounding to take place. Furthermore, doing this regularly helps in easing off stress and draining away pent up negative vibes.

These negative vibes can come from all that is going on around us. Studies have also revealed that it aids in healing our bodies from stress-related ailments. Walking barefooted has been seen to neutralize free radicals and tend to generate antioxidant.

Familial Bonds And Unity

Learn to communicate deeply with the people around you, especially your loved ones. If you never knew, communication is the primary key to growth, understanding, and love in any known home.

Any home or even relationship that is lacking communication will breed nothing but strife and understanding. It is worthy to note that animals and nature tend to communicate with one another. So, why not humans?

Now being in our homes has brought us closer together more than ever; hence strong familial bonds should be built or further strengthened. The strengthening will help in enhancing our lives, living environment, and the love we have for our loved ones.

Never forget that humanity is at its peak and surpasses limits when united. On a general note, our strength increases exponentially both qualitatively and quantitatively. This increase is due to the unity of purpose and oneness of our minds.

As it stands, no foe is undefeated when humanity is united. Right here is the reason why man is capable of evolving all through the years. Man is surpassing and defeating all obstacles via the chronicles of history and culture.

All of these make up our strong yet salient points. No matter how the situation today turns out, it is all dependent on our attitude towards it.

Boosting Immune System

For the ideal immune system, you should try to eat a balanced and healthy meal and consume lots of water, fruits, and vegetables. Rest and quality sleep is equal important to stay healthy and keep our immune system clean.

infographic 10 immune booster food

To keep our immune system functioning properly, you should remember that “we are what we eat.” Eating junk foods ends up messing up our metabolism and internal organs. When we do not watch what we eat, it ends up making us sick.

However, a well-balanced diet with the seven essential elements keeps us healthy and in shape for a properly functioning body.

Keep The Brain Active

On a general note, you should endeavor to learn something new as it stimulates the mind and keeps our brains active and sharp. The fact is that learning aids in the improvement of our brain chemistry.

It does this by creating new synaptic connections. Thus, helping to improve our connective skills and speed of doing things across different aspects of our lives. More so, it will enable us to adapt to new changes like what we are currently facing.

  • Stress
  • Cell damage
  • Polluted environment
  • Trauma, and so much more.

Physical Exercise

More so, engage in exercising often and every day, especially outdoors, but only if possible. If quarantined, lots of indoor exercises will be sufficient. Exercise, just like a stirring rod, stirs the waters of our body and prevents us from getting stale and rigid.

One form of exercise that should be practiced and can never be overemphasized is the art of Yoga. For the uninitiated, Yoga practice is a combination of physical, mental, and spiritual discipline.

It is all based on science and art. Yoga aims to bring harmony to both our bodies and souls. For the human mind to be in shape, we will need to practice Yoga daily consistently.

Also, it helps to strengthen our body and mind simultaneously. If you never knew, Yoga helps to:

  • Improve the flexibility of our body and muscle tone
  • Enhance our energy levels as well as cardio health, and
  • Strengthen our body metabolism and immune system.

Overall, Yoga helps to improve our mental health, especially in times like this one. Yoga and meditation are similar. A combination of both will be of maximum benefit to us during this period.

Meditation And Prayer

Remember to meditate or pray as these spiritual activities help us to become aware of:

  • Our consciousness
  • Raise our morale
  • Strengthen the mind and body, and
  • Create a tranquil and peaceful environment around us.

It has also been discovered that meditation has over two thousand benefits known to man. Some of the few proven ones suggest that meditation aids in:

  • Lengthening attention span
  • Increasing the gray matter concentration of the brain
  • Decreasing stress and chances of degenerative memory disease
  • Improving mental alertness, immune system, and improves sleep
  • Enhancing self-awareness, and
  • Reducing anxiety disorders amongst a host of many other benefits.

Moreover, it also helps us to introspect our conscious living. This will help us find our purpose and role in the midst of all this going on. This is not just for us but also those around us.

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, do not forget to love yourself and serve yourself right just as much as we serve and help our loved ones. This would help us in harnessing the potentials locked within ourselves.

No matter the noise of turmoil, remain strong! You have won previous wars, so you will surely win this. Never forget always to be grateful for the life that you have, it is precious, and in this trying time,  not many are lucky to keep it for so long.

Remember, the aura and essence of love surround you. Stay happy and safe.

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