Refrigerator Water Filter: How Often & When Should You Change It?

Do you know what refrigerator water filters and nasal hairs have in common? They both filter dirt (you guessed right). The refrigerator water filter is one of the hidden parts of your refrigerator that also does the most significant work.

A month, a year or several years has passed since you replaced your refrigerator water filter. Most people overlook and ignore the importance of the refrigerator water filter. They wonder if they should change the filter if the water tastes are still fine. The water from your refrigerator water dispenser is not necessarily fresh just because it tastes fine as some contaminants may have no taste.

You should be able to tell if your water filter is working, how often you should change the water filter in the refrigerator. Knowing these things will definitely give you an idea of when to change your refrigerator water filter.

How Often Should You Change Water Filter In Refrigerator?

In general, when your filter is 6 months old or filtered 200 to 300 gallons of water that it is time to change the filter. The rule of thumb of 6 months is that when a family of four uses the ice machine and water dispenser often, the filter should be replaced every six months. Once a year should be sufficient for a couple without children.

On the other hand, your water source is an important factor in considering how often your water filter must be changed. According to NRDC, 80% of the world’s wastewater is dumped back (untreated) into the environment, causing widespread water pollution. If your water source is more exposed to pollution then you’re likely to change your water filter more often.

Since your refrigerator has a handbook (most do) it is mostly suggested that you follow the manufacturer’s recommended schedule for changing your refrigerator water filter. After ending the life span of a refrigerator water filter you may notice some indications like reduced water flow, unpleasant taste or smelly water.

When Does Refrigerator Water Filter Needs Replacing?

It is important to know when the water filter needs replacement The benefit of observing the functionality of your refrigerator water filter cannot be over-emphasized because you only know when to replace it if you have encountered indications of bad filter quality. Here are some indications to guide you.

  • Water Filter Life Indicator: In modern refrigerator models, the water filter light shows when your refrigerator water filter needs replacement. Filter changes may be indicated by the fridge that calculates the water usage per gallon or time passed.
  • Time Schedule And Usages: Most refrigerators come with manuals that have a manufacturer’s recommended schedule of changing the water filter. On an average, it’s 6 months for most of the model or about 300 gallons of use. Depending on the make and model, the lifespan of a filter can vary.
  • Reduced Flow Pressure: Over the time, particles, contaminants get stuck to your filter and thereby cause clogging. Once your filter is clogged up enough, you start to notice a reduced flow pressure through fixtures.
  • Unpleasant Taste: The taste is often an indicator of filter failure, even though the water seems clear. Taste buds don’t lie, trust them when you think something may be off. Beyond a sweet or very light metallic flavor, clean water usually has no color or taste.
  • Look out specifically for unsafe flavors indicating harmful pollutants. Algae blooms or bacteria can cause a musky taste.  A bitter taste can be the effect of chlorine.  A strong metallic taste may be the cause of copper corrosion or rust dissolved into the water. If your water filter fails to properly get rid of impurities, you might end up with an awful water or ice taste.
  • Smelly Water: A whiff of your refrigerator water will quickly tell you if the water is safe to drink. Smell plays a major role in the tasting, and will quickly indicate any unwanted chemical. In severe cases of contamination, your drinking water will most likely develop an unpleasant odor. This indication shows that your filter is in dire need of replacement…. don’t sleep on it!
  • Decreased Transparency: If a clean glass of water is held up to a light source it should be crystal clear. Red discoloration may mean the presence of iron while dust can cause gray discoloration to your filtered water.
    Don’t drink the water if it looks cloudy, has swirls, or is not completely clear. Although the cloudy water may look harmless a very high concentration of contaminants can cause the murkiness. The water should not be consumed until the filter is replaced.
  • Strange noise: This sign is a rather loud warning that your refrigerator filter is struggling to do its job.

Your refrigerator water filter works principally by removing impurities from your water, ensuring you consume safe water. Impurities may include particles, chemical substances, pathogens, VOCs, all of which your water filter gets rid of. Most refrigerator water filters function by the carbon filtration system. The carbon block core, traps or attracts-if you like- impurities in three stages.

  1. Particle-filtration
  2. Micro- filtration
  3. Adsorption-filtration

These three-staged processes combined give an end result of perfection. You can tell that your refrigerator water filter works if the outcome is as it should be: pure and healthy drinking water.

Making a Conclusion

Water is life, human bodies are made with about 60% of water. And it’s more essential to take pure water to stay well. The water filter in a refrigerator ensures that only safe water is dispensed for drinking and ice making. But filters have a short life span. So it is important to make a calendar schedule to replace the filter in due course and watch out for the bad filter signs.

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