Tyent UCE-11: The Best Water Ionizer Machine

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Unusually few people would be sited somewhere thinking for potential drinking water for his family. Yes, now days the water ionizer machine becoming the 1st choice all of those conscious people along with a purifier. A good water ionizer can produce potential balanced water as well as filtering the harmful components in that water. The few that understand this would think of investing in a Water Ionizer.

Having a water ionizer machine gives you the ability to adjust the pH level of water before you drink it. The level of pH is testing to know the acidity and alkalinity. Research shows that drinking alkaline water has a couple of benefits.

Tyent UCE-11

One such a device Tyent UCE-11 is a greatest water Ionizer available in the market today. For people looking for a compact, lightweight, and value-added investment in water Ionizers, Tyent UCE-11 under the counter water Ionizer would be a worthy investment. This Water Ionizer gives you a chance to get pH levels ranging from 1.7 to 12.0.

The device gives you the ability to choose from the available nine different pH levels, namely 4 acidic settings, neutral setting, and 4 alkaline settings. Such capabilities eliminate the need to add any chemicals for superior and good tasting water.

The Filtration system is a dual ultra-filtration system that removes up to 99.99% of the germs and other contamination. This is a good reason to choose the Tyent UCE-11 device.

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Specifications and Key-Features
  • 01 Micron ultra filtration with dual filter technology.
  • Ionizer dimension is: W=14in x D=5-3/8in x H=14in.
  • Dispenser dimension: H=11.5in x D=2in.
  • The product weighs 12.3 Lbs.
  • Comes with 11 Platinum-coated Titanium plate.
  • Ionizer installed under counter.
  • Flood prevention sensor and adjustable water flow rate.
  • pH range of 1.7-12 and ORP range of up to -1050.
  • Power system: 750 watts and SMPS PLUS® power supply.
  • Activated carbon, ceramic filters & self-cleaning technology.
  • ISO 9001, 14001 & KFDA certified and UL & CSA approved.

Ease of Use

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This is another significant advantage of choosing the Tyent UCE-11 water Ionizer. This device is easy to use and install. You won’t expect major potential inconveniences though it’s important to note that the replacement cartridges are very expensive. Though, this shouldn’t scare you given the levels of functionality and minimal repairs and maintenance required.

Advanced Interactive Touchscreen Technology

It’s also worth noting that unlike many similar devices, the Tyent UCE-11 Water Ionizer comes with advanced Interactive touch screen technology. This gives the user an easy method of adjusting the pH level at any time. You also have the chance to use settings to suit any application. This is a wonderful feature to suit you whether you’re taking your medicine, making baby formulas, or preparing your meals.


With the features and all the capabilities, you can expect that Tyent UCE-11 water Ionizer is a Top Performer. The UCE-11 water Ionizer is designed with some ingenious features that will fulfill all your water needs.

Reasons to Buy Tyent UCE-11 Water Ionizer

Although there are fewer differences between this water Ionizer and other competitors, this water Ionizer has four main reasons that make it perform better.

More Plates For Better Ionization

Another primary reason why Tyent UCE-11 performs better is that it has more plates. The UCE-11 water Ionizer has eleven plates that add more than 385 square Inches of Ionization surface area. This is a lot of ionizing surface area that noticeably improves the Tyent UCE-11 Ionization performance.

More Power For Strong Ionization

The system delivers enough power to the electrodes driving a more efficient electrolysis process. This is a significant determinant of performance. It’s a general rule that Ionizers rated at a higher wattage have a higher performance. From the specs above, you can notice this water Ionizer has a high power of 750 Watts.

This indicates more electrical current passes in the Ionizer’s plates to improve the Ionization process, making UCE-11 water Ionizer better at producing water with varying pH levels.

The efficient Power Supply System

Unlike most water Ionizers that use the transformer power system, this water Ionizer uses Switched-Mode Power supply or what we call SMPS. This improves its performance and makes it suited for most home processes.

Certifications And Approvals
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As the Tyent UCE-11 is certified by ISO 9001 & 14001, KFDA and approved by UL, CSA as well as Professional Athlete, you can buy this one without any hesitation. Also it’s mentionable that the Tyent UCE-11 has A+ rating from Better Business Bureau.

Tyent UCE-11 Water Ionizer Pros

  • Dual filtration system for super water capability.
  • Large Solid/Mesh hybrid platinum coated titanium electrode plate.
  • Compact, lightweight and advanced Interactive touch screen technology.
  • Premium hydrogen boost technology for the best antioxidant level.
  • Variable pre-filter options for any water source.
  • Automatic self-cleaning and flood preventing sensor.
  • Filters last long – 950 gallons and lifetime warranty.

Tyent UCE-11 Water Ionizer Cons

  • Its comparatively expensive and the filter replacement is also expensive.

But, the cons shouldn’t be a significant blow because of the performance and other top-notch features.

The Warranty

Tyent UCE-11 water Ionizer comes with the Lifetime warranty. This is very comforting, especially when you use such amount of money in a single investment.

What Are People Saying About Tyent Water Ionizer?

There’s nothing better and informative than knowing the experience prior customers have had with a water ionizer before investing in it. In the case of Tyent UCE-11 water Ionizer, a noticeable number of users are very contented with the device, saying you can expect the results within minutes. Additionally, users believe that the results are perceptible.

One user on the site claims that the Tyent UCE-11 water Ionizer is a compact and a formidable unit. It’s not a cheap alternative, but it’s worth the investment.

What is The Best Water Ionizer?

There are many water Ionizers from different brands that get the work done. However, the Tyent UCE-11 water Ionizer is truly worth your investment. This is because of the many benefits that this product provides to you. The device is compact, lightweight, and an under-counter model. Also you can read this article about the great Japan made water ionizer.

How Do You Use Tyent Water Ionizer?

Water Ionizers are plumbed directly on the water supply to remove most of the impurities in the water. Using a Tyent water ionizer is easy, as explained in this review. First, determine the type of water, choose the alkaline level for drinking, stop the water flow by pressing the same button twice.

The Bottom Line

The Tyent UCE-11 Ionizer may not be the cheapest Ionizer out here, but it’s at the top list of the best performers. I am impressed explicitly by the unit’s performance for both pH and ORP. I have also come to love the instinctive control panel that comes with the dial control, voice alerts, and touch screen. 

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